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Hope Achieves Remarkable Things

I was at a point in my business when I was beginning to feel abundantly blessed and completely humbled. I thought to myself, “Why has God blessed me so much?”  I felt unworthy of the blessings that were sent my way. I began to believe that God must have a purpose for me and felt that I needed to give back. I knew that I wanted to help kids, but at the time, I just didn’t know in what way.

Approximately eight months ago, my oldest daughter came into my room. She was crying and hysterical. She told me that she had planned to take her life. The only reason she couldn’t carry out the plan was because she didn’t want to hurt her siblings. This was upsetting, as I had no idea that she was having issues, that she was depressed, let alone suicidal. She was popular, was not being bullied, and was on the cheerleading squad…where were the signs?? I asked her WHY?? She simply did not know. She was tired of crying herself to sleep at night and not understanding why. I took her to the Emergency room. They evaluated her and referred her to a doctor, who put her on medication.

I was upset. I had felt that I failed her as a parent. I carried a lot of guilt over the next week. How could my child not know how valuable she is? How could she not know her worth? My main responsibility as a parent was to instill in her how much she was loved, adored, admired, and appreciated. I missed the boat and spent that next week completely exhausted, paranoid, and in fear. I could not leave her alone. I checked on her constantly. It became too much and the emotions of fear became anger. Angry at me, for not being the mother she needed, and angry at her for all that she was “putting me through”. My exhaustion took over. I needed resolution. I needed to sleep. I needed to fix this.

I marched into her room with a “tough love” attitude. I told my daughter that she had a choice:  She could choose to continue to be sad and dwell in the darkness. Or, she could start focusing on how she can serve others. And she could focus on being happy, counting her blessings, and focusing on the positive. To this day, I feel horrible about what I said and how I said it. However, I know now, that is absolutely what she needed to hear. Two weeks later she took herself off of her medication. She did a complete 180. She became grateful, happy, loving, and focused on others.

I had no idea that only four months later my friend’s son would take his own life. I couldn’t believe it. I felt so horrible for his mom. I empathized with her loss and it touched me deeply. As I saw her child in his casket, I could picture my daughter lying there, it was gut-wrenching. It didn’t make sense and it was so surreal. As I drove back home the only thought in my mind was HOW…how someone gets somewhere mentally where the only alternative is to take their own life.

A month later, I received a call from my son’s friend’s mom. She informed me that two of my son’s friends were cutting and that her son was being admitted to Intermountain Hospital for a couple of weeks to receive treatment. She shared in the conversation that the whole group of them, including the girls they associated with were all participating in cutting. The only exclusion was my son. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Once again, these teens found no value in themselves. That same week, I received another call from a different mom that her son had also planned to take his life. She explained that if it weren’t for my oldest daughter (who had just gone through the whole depression/suicidal issues) he would surely be dead; and that my daughter was an angel. That is when I had the thought…suicide is 100% preventable.

God knocked, and he knocked loudly! I knew what my purpose was and my mind was flooded with ideas and opportunities to reach out to kids. I couldn’t shut it off. My thoughts were racing a million miles per minute. I hardly slept and sat in the dark for days on end as incredible ideas penetrated my psyche.

I went to my usual Wednesday morning meeting with my Mastermind group. The flood gates opened, as I laid my emotion, my heart, my soul, and my thoughts all out on the table. I had no idea how far this “calling” would go. One of my Mastermind partners, Jarin (who is now my non-profit partner) told me he shared a similar vision. He was “all in” and wanted to partner with me to make this happen.

Things started out really broad without a clear direction. After months of brainstorming, we finally KNEW what we needed to do. We came up with the name HART Inspired after the young man,  Nick Hart, whom I mentioned previously. HART, his family name, is an acronym for Hope Achieves Remarkable Things. We filed an LLC, got an EIN number, and bank account. We have been working nonstop on the 501c3 paperwork to make things official with the IRS. It’s been quite a task, but we realize we will also need an attorney to help us with the final process.

Intuition tells me that through technology we have moved away from what matters the most; relationships with our families, friends, and loved ones. We require social touch, not social tech. As young adults maturing I find that they may not be able to disseminate the information processed through social media correctly. The feelings and emotions that even we as adults can’t always handle get even more discombobulated. Words can be harsher, we jump to conclusions, and we get more brazen about what we say; even to the point of cyber-bullying.

Our vison: To help inspire teens for their future endeavors, goals, and dreams. To encourage them to develop their own personal strengths identified through the Gallup Strength Finders’ test. This test will allow teens to take ownership over their super powers; this will be the building block that helps them achieve their dreams and goals. We want our leaders of tomorrow to feel self-worth; to know that they have a voice. We will build on those strengths through conferences, team-building, seminars, and camps; preparing them to be future leaders. We will give teens opportunities to earn scholarships providing monies in education. And most importantly, we will give teens back the skills need to develop strong, lasting, and personal relationships.

Idaho’s education system is now 50th in the nation, suicide rates among teens have jumped up to number nine in the nation. Bullying is becoming so prevalent among not only high school kids, but even at the middle school levels, and on into elementary. We have a serious problem and it’s time to pull together and find and answer. This organization that I am putting together is bigger than me, and bigger than you. It’s going to take a common belief in all of us to create a movement this huge.

Many doors have opened up for us. We have been blessed with a gentleman named Timothy Siebert who is helping us put together a website. People interested in our cause will be able to donate via our website, www.hartinspired.org and our crowd funding site. We are also planning a fundraiser, a redneck wedding murder mystery party, on September 13th to help us with startup costs. Any contributions would be graciously appreciated.